Open Office XML is standardized by ECMA-376.

To the greatest degree possible, PyDocX intends to conform with this and subsequent standards.

17.9 Numbering

Section Description Implemented
17.9.1 abstractNum true
17.9.2 abstractNumId true
17.9.3 ilvl true
17.9.4 isLgl false
17.9.5 lvl (override) false
17.9.6 lvl true
17.9.7 lvlJc false
17.9.8 lvlOverride false
17.9.9 lvlPictPulletId false
17.9.10 lvlRestart false
17.9.11 lvlText false
17.9.12 multiLevelType false
17.9.13 name false
17.9.14 nsid false
17.9.15 num true
17.9.16 numbering true
17.9.17 numFmt true
17.9.18 numId true
17.9.19 numIdMacAtCleanup false
17.9.20 numPicBullet false
17.9.21 numStyleLink false
17.9.22 pPr false
17.9.23 pStyle false
17.9.24 rPr false
17.9.25 start false
17.9.26 startOverride false
17.9.27 styleLink false
17.9.28 suff false
17.9.29 tmpl false


In some cases, it was necessary to deviate from the specification. Such deviations should be only done with justification, and minimally. All intended deviations shall be documented here. Any undocumented deviations are bugs.

Missing val attribute in underline tag